SWTOR Guide : The Ultimate Guide for SWTOR

Game lovers and enthusiasts, whether experienced or not so experienced, could all agree that Star Wars: The Old Republic, popularly dubbed as SWTOR, is one of the most thrilling and action-packed videogames in the virtual world today. One rather surprising fact about SWTOR is that there is something that makes it more fun and more exciting to play—this is none other than the SWTOR Leveling Guide. Contrary to popular belief or even to first impression, this guide is not just for first timers or terrible players. Seasoned gamers themselves admit that they are loyal users of the guide. To put it simply, the guide is an incredibly convenient means by which players become better and better players become the best.

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SWTOR Leveling Guide

Like any other videogame, SWTOR presents challenges and adventures to its community of players. The general role and objective of the SWTOR Guide is to help players face those challenges and adventures with cool, ease, and confidence. It is, so to speak, a handbook of up to date tips and unfailing strategies that will get gamers even more pumped for higher intensity battles and missions, and more knowledgeable about their current craft, skills, and status. As the name “SWTOR Savior” suggests, this particular SWTOR Guide is a savior—a lifesaver at its best. The question now is, “How exactly does SWTOR Savior work or what exactly does it offer?”

The first thing about it is that it is known and accepted as the fastest leveling guide for Star Wars: The Old Republic. It showcases features and forms of assistance that are either not found or not so clear in other SWTOR guides. With this said, SWTOR Savior is not only the most comprehensive guide out today but also the most reader friendly or player friendly. All in all, the guide encompasses the whole game, which means that it offers tactics, suggestions, and information from the very beginning of the game until the very end.

The guide comes in written as well as video form. The written form serves as a guidelines manual, as people might say. However, it is not just a typical manual. The written guide is actually updated weekly. With regards to the video form, it is definitely like no other. It is the only one of its kind that incorporates 1080p HD videos into its web layout or system. This allows players to watch full and phase-by-phase videos of all the facets of the game. Aside from written and video manuals, SWTOR Savior also includes a VIP forum that is updated on a daily basis. To date, the forum has more than two thousand active members. The said forum is basically an online discussion room wherein members interact and share anything and everything related to Star Wars: The Old Republic—from credit guides and builds to schemes and tactics. The VIP forum also allows members to give feedback or even ask for help directly from the creators of SWTOR Savior.

The tips and strategies that the guide gives, which make the whole gaming experience appealing and unforgettable, are nothing short of straightforward. First off, in the Beginner’s Guide and in the Game Mechanics, SWTOR Savior provides an overview of the game and explains how the game itself works. For example, in here the guide describes what AoE, DPS, and PVE are. These are some of the essential terms that players have to be familiar with in order to get going. SWTOR Savior also features a User Interface Guide. Among other things, this guarantees better and smoother battle games. On the other hand, in the Beginner Class and Skills Guides, players get the opportunity to know more about the perfect gear and skills for their preferred class. The Beginner Class and Skills Guide simply shows players how to be strong and well equipped in all levels of the game—even in the lower ones.

Within the guides mentioned above, there are more specific guide titles. The leveling guides include colored maps for absolutely all classes and advanced classes. The build guides include those for Flashpoints and Operations, PVE leveling, and PVP. All three come with full rotations. The credit guides take account of the different ways of using the GTN in order to quickly come up with heaps and heaps of credits. Of course, the tips don’t stop at credit guides. There’s definitely more! SWTOR Savior also offers comprehensive guides on all Flashpoints and Operations and all crew and mission skills, such as gathering and crafting. The gear and itemization guides, on the other hand, are all about how to get appropriate gears and itemizations as quickly as possible. In a nutshell, SWTOR Savior teaches players how to be the best, the smartest, and the most powerful in the warzones.

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From what has been said so far, it is quite obvious that SWTOR Savior ensures the fastest and surest way to get through the game. To be more specific, it allows players to get to level fifty-five in all classes within just six days or even less. With the swiftest and several questing routes or route choices and with the detailed maps and waypoints, reaching level fifty-five without getting lost one bit is truly made possible, fun, and easy. Of course, speed levels without the best builds is simply not sensible or advisable. The guide aids players in their pursuit to master all SWTOR classes by acquiring the best builds. The library of builds and rotations for all classes and advanced classes ensures proper use of builds and rightful dominion of PVP. For example—all thanks to SWTOR Savior’s leveling builds and leveling guides—defeating all sorts of mobs and opponents that are five levels higher is absolutely achievable.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a game that requires strength of mind and character. For sure, playing SWTOR without direction and determination is like playing without a good cause or objective. Here is where SWTOR Savior saves the day—it gives players accurate direction in order to enjoy the game.