Complete Introductory Star Wars The Old Republic Guide

The moment, when Star Wars announced that the players will be allowed to play up to Level 50 for free for a whole month, stroke the market with excitement and curiosity. Starting from just $15, Star Wars is a heavy multi-player online game, offering you to play in your favorite environment and in your favorite mode.

According to the marketing team of Star Wars The Old Republic, the game is designed in a flexible model as the users want to play in their own way.

Introduction To Saga

The basic tale of this game emerges from the twenty thousand years ago galaxy rivalries composing of two galaxy sides. The brighter side or the Galactic Republic is aided by Jedi, a personality of trustworthiness and brotherhood. With his support, the Galactic Republic has been able to maintain an environment of tranquility and fight against the enemies.

Star Wars The Old Republic Guide jedi knight 1024x640 Complete Introductory Star Wars The Old Republic Guide

Star Wars The Old Republic Guide Jedi Knight

On the other side is the Sith Empire, aided by Sith who was in exile for past few decades. Sith Empire operates with the aim of conquering the whole galaxy, overcome the star system and rule the galaxy units with power. Whereas, the Galactic Empire fights against the Sith Empire in order to save the galaxy.

Star Wars The Old Republic Guide sith warrior 1024x640 Complete Introductory Star Wars The Old Republic Guide

Star Wars The Old Republic Guide Sith Warrior

Star Wars The Old Republic Guide

Level Guide

From level 01 to 10, the players will have the opportunity to practice and understand the game as these are the easy levels. The levels 10 to 16 require an advanced understanding as the spaceship is now involved. Around 5 hours are required to cover these levels. Level 16 to 20 are the stages known as Taris, a swamp and damp world of plants and animals.
From level 20 to 24, you spend fighting time on a neutral and layered planet Nar Shadda. Level 24 to 28 are spent on Tatooine, an open pvp planet of civil wars. Level 28 to 32 are spent on a snow-capped mountainous planet.  Next 4 levels are spent on an Imperial planet; Balmorra.  From 38 to 41 levels, you are again on a frozen planet.

The last 10 stages include the actual fight in the game. From level 41 to 44, you spend time on Belsavis and fight against snow lava and civil wars. From level 44 to 47, you spend time on Voss, a lush golden beautiful forest planet. From level 47 to 49, you are at the second last planet; Corellia. The last stage is a complicated and a mix of all stages.

Activities In Game

You have to collect several materials throughout the game. These materials and tools are useful in the later parts of the game. None of them is useless. You also have to craft your team according to their sills and requirements on every type of planet. You will need three types of skill throughout the game; gathering skills to gather the materials and tools, crafting skills to manage your crew and mission skills to incorporate your intellect and brain in deceiving the enemies and playing tactics on them.

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