SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide

Perfection in becoming a Bounty Hunter is a dream of every SWTOR lover. However; it requires not just the professional legacy but a whirlpool of understanding, utilizing and accomplishing the SWTOR skills. The survival of Bounty Hunter needs you to deliver a deadly voyage throughout the game.

swtor bounty hunter guide 1024x640 SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide

SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide

In order to become a Bounty Hunter, one should not believe that he will not face any further challenges. A Bounty Hunter has to face dark and dangerous enemies at very stages. The indispensible players need to achieve every goal and demonstrate their core value throughout their every mission.

SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide With Respect To Abilities

This SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide assembles the abilities of a Bounty Hunter according to the various stages of the game.

Initial Abilities
In the start, a Bounty Hunter is more powerful in defense than in offense. Therefore; his most of the weapons include defense types including:

  • Rapid Shots (moderate blasts)
  • Missile Blasts (huge damage with 4 target capacity)
  • Flame Thrower (low damage in 4 seconds up to 10 cones)
  • Vent Heat (rapid heat producer)
  • Recharge and Reload (health recovery in heat)

Trainable Abilities
From level 4 to 46, the Bounty Hunter goes through the trainable abilities. These include:

  • Electro Dart (electricity production causing stun)
  • Rail Shot (heavy damage with fire shot)
  • Death From Above (attack from distance causing total destruction of place)
  • Flame Thrower (as described in initial abilities)
  • Power Shot (moderate damage blast)
  • Energy Damage (30 second protective shield against heat)
  • Chaff Flare (10 second enemy revealing fire shot)
  • Oil Slick (oil fire causing poor elemental resistance)
  • Electric Shield (responsive shield firing an electric charge on enemies)
  • Rocket Punch (close range light damage attack)
  • Interceptor Shield (threat reduction)
  • Thermal Detonation (High damage via thermal detonator causing death of enemy in 15 seconds).

swtor bounty hunter SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide

Understanding Field Recon

Field Recon refers to the exterior field where a Bounty Hunter operates. Although, the Bounty Hunters are free to move throughout the galaxy, however; Field Recon is the exterior shield where the targets hide themselves.

Understanding Weapons and Armors

All of the Bounty Hunter tools and equipments are wasteful if he does not operate them with planning and preparation. He invests in crafting and weapon buying and therefore; he needs to develop flexible resistivity with his weapons and armors.

Understanding Combat Tactics

Methodical precision is the ultimate approach which a Bounty Hunter must include in his plan. Bounty Hunters are adaptable to any kind of war field and they utilize all types of black market weapons.

Specialization in Advanced Classes

After the level 46, a Bounty Hunter undergoes specialized classes.
In the Powertech SWTOR, he will have Energy shield, Flame Thrower and Tank.
The Powertech Skill Tree includes Shield Tech and Advanced Prototype. Firebug is another skill tree shared by Powertech and Mercenary.
In SWTOR Mercenary, the hunter contains Ranged DPS, Missiles, Healing equipments and Dual Wield Guns.
The Mercenary Skill Tree includes Arsenal and Bodyguard. Firebug is shared with Powertech.