A Complete Basic SWTOR Crafting Guide

Crew skills or crafting is the easiest way to manage your burden and organize the crew, skills and available tools in a manner that boosts the success achievement. It also allows you to uniquely assemble your crew in order to let them perfect their performance in the mission.

SWTOR Crafting Guide

In order to manage your crew, you need gathering skills and crafting skills.

Gathering Skills

While your voyage in the galaxy, you will need several types of materials, which help you immediately or later in the game. An organized gathering of materials helps you to invest brilliantly in the game. Here is a short review of the materials you need to collect in the game :
Archaeology: Required for mining of hard materials.
Bioanalysis: Required to collect special features from the genes of animals and plants.
Scavenging: Required for recovery.
Slicing: Required for hacking and gathering useful data and information.

swtor crafting guide A Complete Basic SWTOR Crafting Guide

SWTOR Crafting Guide

The material, which you collect in the game, is of proper and complete benefit only when you craft your mission. The best and the most interesting thing about SWTOR is that you can manage your crew even if you are not with them. Here is a complete guide to SWTOR crafting.
SWTOR crafting is completely compiled in 6 techniques.


Armormech is useful when you are playing with a non-forceful member. It creates a protective shield with the help of nearby metals and other hard materials. Smugglers, troopers and agents are highly supported by the Armormech. Underworld trading becomes convenient and customizable with the help of Armormech.


When you are playing with the offending weapons like rifles, snipers and canons, then you will use Armstech. It works for reverse engineering and recovery. Armstech is gathered in investigating and scavenging. Much of the functions of Armstech are similar to those of Armormech. In other words, it is the Armormech’s weapon version.

swtor crafting skills guide A Complete Basic SWTOR Crafting Guide


Artifice is useful for both types of players as it is a product of Sith and Jedi. It not only creates a protective shield, but also recovers the materials and helps the players modify their tools. Lightsabers are highly supported by artifice. Artifice is useful for treasure hunting missions.


With biochems, you can create unique fluids and serums, which will enter into the plants and animals, enhance their performance and let you operate them more conveniently. Biochem helps you to investigate into the missions or play diplomacy on your enemies.


It is a very useful crafting technique, which generates various tools like generators, overlays and underlay, and also helps you produce the upgraded versions of Droids. You can also perform harness functions, creep into the data systems, and modify your skills with Reverse Engineering.


You can improve the capacity of your lighter armor or recover it with the help of Synthweaving technique. It helps you to find out new ways of recovering or upgrading your armor against the enemies.